Chicken Click&Run

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The Background

You are incarnating a human experiment whose goal is to produce as many eggs as possible. You know that any interruption in your production will lead you to your inevitable and painful demise.

You were sent to some kind of secluded planet. You know nothing about it, whereas it’s its name or what it is: is it really outside of planet Earth? A simple miniature representation of an existing planet? Or your own laboratory…?

Your new home planet is a miniature one, hollow in the middle, but the laws of gravity are still the same.

TOh, and by the way, you are a hen. Why? You don’t know either and it doesn’t matter. All that does is that you have class and need to churn out.

Eggs are not the only resource in this world. You will be able to witness worms flying, meteors or even mosquitoes, carrying the most unspeakable diseases

You think you are at the hand of mad scientists trying, maybe, to create some kind of mutant hen, immune to all kind of disasters.

But at least, you can still go shopping! There’s a shop on your new planet which you can visit to increase your egg production.

Ms. Irma is in charge of the shop, and she loves eggs! Actually, she loves it so much that it’s her favorite currency for the items she sells! Nonetheless, she will only accept worms and shooting stars when it comes to enhancement objects.


The quicker you click on your hen, the more egg it will produce! Simple as that.

You will have to go through 60 quests in order to not get exterminated by the scientists who run the experiment.

Produce more and more efficiently with 30 items and 30 enhancement objects.

Items will allow you to produce eggs automatically every second.

Enhancement objects allow you to get better skills. Thanks to them, you will become the MASTER chick!

Now for the part where you know drugs are bad for you:

Whenever you see a flying worm, click on it, it’s an important resource, it will help you to get enhancement objects.

Likewise, when you see a meteor, don’t wait for it to crash on you and end your miserable senseless soon-to-be-chicken-nugget life, hen up and tape on it 5 times and it will turn into a shooting star! (No wishes, just enhancement objects)

No one likes mosquitoes, right? Right? I see you, environmental activist with your “ALL LIFE AS A PURPOSE”, I can TELL you NO ONE in their RIGHT mind likes mosquitoes. Which is why we, in Chicken Click&Run, decided to give you your revenge.

When you see one of these bloodsucking demons, you tap on them and see the life leaving their body in a majestic splash of (your) blood.

They will give you a lot of marvelous bonuses, you WILL want to kill a LOT of them and get that sweet sweet revenge for these sleepless summer nights.

More infos

This game is a fanmade Cookie Clicker, for the men of culture out there.

Platforms – It will be made available on Android. We would like to also push an iOs version.

Target – This game is for human beings. Hell, even chickens and hens which are skillful enough to tape on the screen with their beak can play.

Financial model – Free, but with ads. We also need to pay for our chicken nuggets, you feel?

Art style – We will stick to a “cartoon-ish” art style, we are looking for an illustrator/graphic designer to give a real identity to the game.

Development – Created with Unity3D

Get involved

  • You are an artist? The design isn’t represented at the moment.
  • Community Manager: You like to share stuff? BwooGames and Chicken Click & Run need you!
  • Sound Designer? If you playtest the game, you will see how in need we are of your talents.
  • You want to playtest? An alpha version is already available and you can complete the form below to participate!

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